Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Peek at our full week home ALL together as a family! Thank you Lord!!

It's our tradition whenever a new child joins our family, we take a photo of them all on our couch! This one was taken this past Sunday, August 24. We got all ready for church to head to our home fellowship. It was our first Sunday ALL together since Edward left for Quest in June! What a blessing! Got a call that there were some sick kiddos at the home we were headed to, so instead, we went to our old church and got to see our daughter Brittany and her family! We headed to Wendy's for lunch with our friend Martha, and then we headed to our nursing home ministry, where as you will see, Jerry and JoyAnna fit right in!!! It was a blessed day for sure!

Jerry went right up front at music time to "help" hold the music book for our friend Dan!

My resident friend Connie LOVED JoyAnna!!

Then we headed to Frekey's dairy freeze for an ice-cream and playing on the playground! Fun!

By his actions, this may have been Jerry's first ever ice cream cone of his own that you lick! He didn't get it at first! 

And then today (Wednesday) as if our life wasn't crazy enough, Edward and I decided to take all of the little kids into the pool! For sure it was Jerry's first time EVER in a pool. Oh my!! And it was JoyAnna's, too! It was a great way to cool off as it's almost 90 here today! A lot of work getting everything ready and everyone set, but sooooo much fun!! And...look who LOVED sitting up in our chair on the deck of the pool when her lips started turning blue?? Little Miss JoyAnna!! She sat there for about an hour visiting with Jon, while I stayed in the pool with the other kiddos! Yay!

So....our first full week here at home since returning from Bulgaria and the hospital has gone really well overall. I now see the absolute necessity of a schedule, and a routine, and the older kids and I LOVE rest time every afternoon! Such a blessing! (it's rest time right now which is the ONLY reason I'm able to blog!) Now, off to the grocery store with a menu plan and about an hour to get it done! Luckily I'm going to the one right down the road today!

Love you all!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

What a difference a day makes!!!


And so, with great rejoicing, I will say that we are slated to go home tomorrow morning!!! (Monday)! As long as the next 12 hours don't pose any problems or concerns to the docs! Yay!!! Yay!! Yay!! Thank you for praying, thank you for encouraging both me and my family at home! Thank you God for keeping your promises!!! 

In Jesus precious name!! AMEN!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Please continue to pray!!!

Dear  family and friends,
It’s Saturday morning and I’m writing from CHAD where we had hoped to be discharged sometime today. Now, I’m not sure that is going to be able to happen. Since 7:00 this a.m., JoyAnna had vomited 9 times. It’s been dry heaves, but still is vomiting and she has been super uncomfortable. This last time she vomited her oxygen levels dipped down into a dangerous low. So they have her on some oxygen right now with anti-nasua meds through her IV. She is totally NOT herself at all. Typically she’s awake at 6:00 and totally ready to eat and interact with everyone!! She hasn’t had anything to eat at all this morning. 

She is resting comfortably right now. Please pray for wisdom for the Dr’s in what to do and how to best handle this new development. I am super thankful to have this surface BEFORE our discharge. This would have been scary to go through at our home or on the way home, etc. Please also pray for my family back home and that all would go well there, and then for me. God has put soooo many people in my path since Wednesday here. There is sooooo much heartache and discouragement with the families here and their precious children. Please continue to pray for Heather and her little girl Jacie with leukemia, and also for a blended family I met yesterday whose 10 year old son was here for kidney laceration. There is a custody battle going on and both sides were here along with police and security guards and DCYF! The whole gang! The little boy David was released to his unstable mom yesterday and they've all gone home. Turns out they live in the next town over from us. Anyway...lots to pray about lots of people to encourage. Please pray that I would be strong and courageous and that I would NOT be afraid!! For I know the Lord MY God is with me wherever I may go!!!

So it’s looking like we may be here a bit longer! Glenn is coming up this way today to measure a roof for a job coming up, and so he’ll come in and visit with us. He had hoped to be bringing us home, but I don’t think that will be the case.

Thank you ALL sooooo much for your prayers and encouragement! Promising to keep you posted!!! Please share this prayer request with everyone you'd like!!

Love to you!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Please pray!

Howdy everyone. This post is for my blogger friends that do not have Facebook. Tomorrow, JoyAnna will be evaluated in-patient at CHAD (Children's hospital at Dartmouth). She was supposed to just go for an appointment, but after reading her medical report from Bulgaria, they decided it would be best to admit her and have her seen by as many specialists as possible. They is a blessing to us! We covet your prayers! I'll stay with her and Glenn will drive back home and stay with the kids!

I promise to keep you posted!

Love to you!


Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Our visas are printed, and we are coming home tomorrow (Wednesday!!)  We just got word!! REJOICE WITH US!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

A Wonderful Lord's Day!

Thank you to Jeff and Lisa Shepherd for bringinig us to church today! It was a wonderful service and we felt great love and acceptance! It was awesome to see Jolynn and her husband there and their precious kiddos, too! We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Papayas after! Thank you all!
We really enjoyed the music! Here is the link to a video of To God Be the Glory! It was awesome! The kids did really well, too, which was such a blessing!